Saturday, April 5, 2014

Top 5 Tech Products in 2013

The old year is definitely history, here we are, recapping that have been the most important tech products of the season.

5th - Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Note 3, the newest Samsung's phablet, absolutely deverses this placement. The Note 2 was already a top-notch device, but Samsung managed to even enhance it.

The device features a 5.7” FullHD Super Amoled Screen, 3GB of Ram, Snapdragon 800 Cpu and also a 13 Mpx digital camera. Nevertheless the most important part of the device, devoted to the business men, is the s-pen, that, due to the Wacom panel, is amazingly precise and also integrated into the phone's main functions.

galaxy note 3 wallpaper hd

4th - Google Glass

Google Glass will be sold only this current year, but the official announcement is rather old, in 2012. Even so, they are still an excellent piece of innovation and also technology, even though not free from issues.

3rd - Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia has gone wild this current year, with a lot of top-notch smartphone that stands for camera high quality. The best of them, certainly, is the Lumia 1020, whose quality can certainly be compared to a low-end reflex camera.

lumia 1020 prezzi

2nd - Xbox One

Microsoft made a legendary fail at Xbox One presentation, nevertheless surely they paid their mistakes, and from now Xbox is fighting side to side with PS4 (even though having a light disadvantage). Who will win?

Only the number - as well as the quality, clearly - of the exclusives will reveal that.

xbox one dashboard

1st - Nexus 5

Here we are, the first place is given to an alternative Google product, the Nexus 5 (Google... seriously, you're nailing it!).

The Nexus 5 is affordable (349/399$) and rapid as hell. Built with a Snapdragon 800 cpu, 2GB of Ram memory with an incredible 5” FullHD screen, it can be compared with phones which cost the double.

Its largest lacks? Sound together with camera quality.

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