Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Motorola Moto G Review - Is it worth the price?

It was the 25th August 2012 when almost all discovered that Motorola was acquired by Google. Almost everyone awaited something amazing from this company (who said the new Nexus?). Having said that let us get down to brass task, starting to analysis the most bad-ass low-end phone within the market.


Moto G comes with a built-in Snapdragon 400 processor plus an Adreno 306 GPU, to obtain fast performances together in computational plus graphics tasks. The equipment is unquestionably not really top-notch, but at the same time will certainly by no means disappoint you (It's a quad core!).

The product features 1 Gigabyte regarding storage, and that is good enough just for its consumption.

But the best thing about this phone is certainly its own attractive display, a HD Ready IPS 4,5” display, that could be compared because of its colors along with viewing angles to a top-class smartphone.

The battery it supports sadly covers just a day time, sufficient for many people but nothing at all special. Nevertheless Motorola needed to economize on something, therefore the device isn't provided with a NFC chip as well as a high speed online connectivity.


One of the greatest points about this device is that it is really made out of plastic-type, but that plastic-type material provides an incredibly great experience. Because of its sizing, it's very ergonomic.

The phone is available in numerous colors.


There's really nothing to point out regarding Motorola's software, which works far better than its rivals.

motorola mr356r vs. mr355r

It handles the RAM very well, closing unnecessary apps without causing delays. No lags, the phone can do any task efficiently and fluently - actually the web-browser is not affected by any kind of lag (and that we did not expect that, thinking about the price of this device) -.


Motorola included a 5 Mpx camera within the Moto G, alongside with a 1,3 Mpx front camera. Performances are certainly not awesome, however sufficient to have nice photos in decent light conditions.

The device can record video clips at 720p, that are general good.

motorola sb6120

Final Words

We never pointed out the price of this device, 179$ for the 8 GB version and 199$ for the 16 GB version. The competition can only be overwhelmed by this tactical price, that will guarantee Motorola several sales.
Can we advise it? Absolutely yes!

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