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Battlefield 4 Review and Levolution Guide

Lots of people have been patiently waited for the launching of Battlefield 4, a first-person shooter videogame. It was published on October 29, 2013. Battlefield 4 is the sequel to Battlefield 3, Provided by EA and developed by DICE.
It's not free, and possibly you should have great difficulty to get Battlefield 4 no cost.

Currently we'll go through of Battlefield 4, a first-person shooter video game, that was published

Gameplay characteristics

Different from its prequel, this particular episode of Battlefield include additional features. In Battlefield 4, you'll be able to counter melee attacks. Furthermore, you can use dual-scoped guns as well as you'll be able to swim underwater.

You've got the possibility, in the multiplayer, to choose which groups you'll be element of.
The video game additionally incorporates a commander mode, which returns from Battlefield 1942. Though it is extremely famous, we will explain just what it actually is. With Levolution it is possible to change the battlefield in a energetic way, thus favoring the player, although considerably modifying the appearance of the map.
The four packages from the earlier video game are basically the same: Assault has now to attend for his defibrillator to recharge until using it one other time; Engineer is able to use PDWs; Support is able to use remote mortar; the Recon is now able to make use of carbines and C4, in addition to use much more optics and accessories to his sniper rifle.

You'll discover new aircraft and vehicles that have been included now, such as attack jet and stealth jetPersonalization has been increased, and right now all the vehicles and gun can be customized with camos.

With that in mind, I want now to explain you just how Levolution works.


The main Levolution event in this map is created by raising the pression of two pipes situated in an subway passage, around flag B along with D.

battlefield 4 2011 nissan rogue transmission problems

Flood Zone

The most significant Levolution event within this map is made by destroying the levee next to the flag B.

Golmund Railway

If you appreciate fireworks as well as explosions, you may want to detonate numerous explosives set everywhere in the map. This is the biggest Levolution event in this particular map.

battlefield 4 flood zone freeze

Hainan Resort

The greatest Levolution feature in this particular map is all about the hotel at flag B. Destroy the right as well as left side of the hotel, so as to open new routes and close old ones.

Lancang Dam

Demolish the levee situated to the North of the map. The water will certainly flow and finally the levee will definitely obstruct part of the map.

Operation Locker

If you want to induce Levolution through this map you need to make the guard tower around flag C breakdown. A completely new route will open up, never pass through it if you are claustrophobic.

Paracel Storm

If you'd like to induce the Levolution system through this map you have to demolish the actual windmill burning through the storm. Your ship will joyfully crash with the building close to flag C.

Rogue Transmission

Demolish two of the three wires groups that hold the giant dish. One of the groups is placed nearby flag A, another one close to flag E. The dish will definitely collapse though the area directly below is going to be still available.

Siege of Shangai

The Levolution event that was shown at E3 2013. Demolish the support beams regarding the skyscraper above which there is flag C. Parachute straight down, if you are on the top of that, or else you die, crushed by the rubble.

Zavod 311

To be able to cause the Levolution system through this map, you have to trigger the bomb within the laptop next to flag D, that will create a crush of the chimney along the way.

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