Saturday, January 25, 2014

LG G2 vs Nexus 5 - Who is the winner?

Difference between Nexus 5 and LG G2

The greatest LG's phone becomes the future Nexus

Like if days of extravagantly detailed leakages hadn't informed you already, Google's new Nexus 5 handset is based on LG's excellent G2. Much of the G2 technical specs have already been kept, however the smaller 2300mAh battery along with lower resolution 8 megapixel camera can certainly be explained considering the cheaper price of the latest Google's device. Sharp, precise, clean, with perfectly deep blacks: each one of these incredible characteristics are actually shown off since the Nexus bootup animation. Nexus 5 continues to have Snapdragon 800 as the processor, with LTE connectivity.

The looks plus the Android KitKat help to make Nexus 5 new and improved. Google's Nexus 5 opts for an austere matte cover and conventionally located volume and power buttons on its shoulders. That generally seems to look like the centrally installed bodily keys along with the shiny patterned back of the G2. Even though the new Nexus 5 appear and feel an upgrade, the LG G2 continue to draw in power customers, with its designed chassis and much more aggressively specced.

Beginning using the two products much more intensely, you can find a few some other less significant variations. The Micro USB port, is oriented otherwise upon the two phones (however located identically), and also the headphone jack on the G2 is at the bottom as opposed to the top placement on the Nexus 5. That means that the Nexus 5's slot is upside down when compared to LG's device. As a final point, an highlight which doesn't make any kind of functional difference, is the round earpiece on the Nexus 5: it really is uncommon plus it gives the phone a bit of its own character.

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